With Pavillion’s #AlwaysPlay you’ll never lose access to your games!

Key Points

  • Play your games regardless of internet dropouts, connection stability or access – True remote play
  • Play your games regardless of access to the Pavillion platform – We will never stop you playing

Introducing Pavillion's #AlwaysPlay

The hashtag #psndown went viral on Twitter on July 23rd when the Playstation Network, along with Steam and Epic’s game services, were all taken out due to a major DNS issue with a provider that all three use.


Some Background ...

For those that don’t know, this is a major issue, as it means that EVERY game that EVERYONE owns across all three of the gaming networks are no longer available to play, to anyone. This affected Billions of gamers, and cut access to ten’s of Billions of games.  

Access issues like these really highlight the issue with user’s digital asset ownership rights with the incumbent digital platforms of today. If you ‘own’ a game on any of these three networks, then you can’t sell them, and you can’t access them if their servers, or any of the 3rd party (DNS for example) providers in between, go down.

Most would agree that this doesn’t sound much like ownership at all, and is at best a thinly disguised subscription service, albeit a subscription service where you have to ‘buy’ each item, at a full ticket price.

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Pavillion - The Future of Digital Games Ownership

We’ve already discussed the benefits of Pavillion, and truly owning the games that you buy in this blog post here.

Pavillion’s #AlwaysPlay feature gives players full access to their games, and in-game inventory, all of the time. No interruptions. Ever.

If your internet drops out, no problem. If you’re in a remote location where you don’t have internet access, no problem. If you get yourself a hotel or airbnb where the promised WiFi isn’t available, due to sketchy connections, or passwords that have been made long since invalid, no problem. If Pavillion itself ever goes down, no problem.

Whether you’re already logged in during an internet dropout, or if you need to log in after you’ve realised that you don’t have internet, then that’s totally fine as well.

 You can simply log into your local Pavillion account, and get straight into your games.


What do you have to do?

If you already own a game on Pavillion, then nothing. You already have it.

Pavillion’s AlwaysPlay feature is available to 100% of Pavillion game owners, 100% of the time.

Just grab a game,  you’ll own it – meaning that you can play it, and sell it if you like – and you’ll always have access to it. No questions asked, and no questions necessary.

It’s your game, you bought it, so why shouldn’t you be able to play it whenever you like. If our platform or servers ever go down, for scheduled maintenance, or otherwise, then it doesn’t affect your gaming. And nor should it.

That’s the Pavillion way 🙂


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